Flobots/Daft Punk

Hello everyone as of right now I only have two sketches. They are for the Flobots and Daft Punk.

First Poster - Flobots

Here's my initial sketch for my Flobots poster. The theme of this poster is to use positive and negetive space.  The scene in the sketch is of a war ravaged city that is totally destroyed and one that is un touched by the hands of war.

Here's my mood board

Second Poster - Daft Punk

Here's my initial sketch for my Daft Punk poster. The idea stemmed from the circuit boards used to control the LEDs in their helmets. I while back I started following Volpin Props and was really engrossed in his Daft Punk helmet projects. Really cool stuff...

Here's my mood board

Hopefully I can work on another idea and sketch by tomorrow's end but for now enjoy. CC is welcome.


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