Floating florals

Floating florals - student project

I started watching this class after I got one of my illustration ideas. I had the idea of a hot air balloon kept afloat by flowers.

Floating florals - image 1 - student project

A rose sketch

Floating florals - image 2 - student project

Wet in wet technique

I found this technique hardest. The darker color overlay on some of the flowers doesn't really match the underlying flower. I do love how playful this looks.

Floating florals - image 3 - student project

Vintage flowers

I loved creating these. You get far more time to think things trough and that fits more into my comfort zone.

Floating florals - image 4 - student project

My final drawing. The hot air balloon with flowers. The idea changed a bit while working on this project. So the flowers aren't keeping the balloon afloat as was my first idea when starting to sketch for this illustration. I used the different ideas and techniques on flowers that I've learned along the way.

Floating florals - image 5 - student project

Thanks for the inspiration and the great class! Learned a lot!

Sarah Joos
Arts and crafts teacher, creative all rounder