Floating Islands - Updates to week 2 and 3

Hello Eveyone,

OK: Check out my Jump game!  I'm hoping to get a character in it but here it is for now!  Pretty much there with some buggy behaviour!

SkillShare Week 4: Island  Hop


Skill share week Three: Breakout Game

Updated - fixed some playability issues, still some bugs and got some sounds in.  Haven't quite been able to figure out how to make the brick sbreak into pieces... anyone have any ideas?

There is more I'd like to do,  but it will have to wait for now!

Hello again!

Thanks for checking out my progress, I've repurposed the assets I've been creating for my Island levelI hope you'll let me know what you think.  No sound yet, nor a clamp to the walls,  and also I am hoping to figure out how to make the bricks explode on contact...

PLease ask any questions and I will do my best to explain.  I've used white a bit of grouping game object to achive some of the rotational effects, as well as being able to make a box colider around the bricks to save on computation there...

PS: Check back again soon, as I will be posting some more progress on the Floating Islands First Person Level


Skill share Week Two - interactivity and the beginnings of a second level...

Hello Everyone!

Well, week two and now I am integrating gameplay elements.

This update includes collecting light blips, which have audio,,,  and once you collect all six in the level,  a portal appears and lets you travel to the next level,  which I hope will be the "Breakout" style level.

There is a HUD that lets you know how many,  and if you fall the count resets to zero,  so be carfull!

Fo those that aren't able to collect them all, I left a portal off the main island so you can go to the next level anytime...  

Please let me know what you think! Difficulty, fun, did you figure out where the portal appears?

Thanks for checking in.


SkillShare Week One - Floating Islands

For the first project I decided to just do a beautifull composition.

I imported trees and bushes from the Asset Store,  and tried out the Maya to Unity import for the islands.

Hope you enjoy!


I have put a playable walk-around up to check out. Just beware the edge!!!  Let me know what you think...


Update 2: Hey Thanks for checking out my world.  I've added some islands so you can hop aroundand check it out some more,  and also you can fall and respawn,,, much nicer not to have to reload...

Update 3:  I'm really excited to be learning Unity,,, I can seem to stop tweeking my level...  In any case, experimented with particles, glows, fog, and fixed some textures from Maya's mapping.  Also slowed down the camera controls, and added some sound!  Oh, and more islands with diffent challenges!

Let me know what you think!

Update 4: I'm excited to drop updates to both games I've created for this class before I move on to the "Jump" style game.

Check it out, lots of changes throughout.  Most notably in the breakout game,  you can "complete" the level, and a portal appears to take you to the next... but for now just restarts, as well as instancing a rock explosion!
And on the FPS game, more islands and I've added in a castle tower that my brother modeled for me, plus a teleporter and elevators...!

Have fun! 




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