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Flirty Flamingo

Obviously, I'm a little out of my depth in this class because my drawing skills are very basic - as in 5th grade level. :)

But am enjoying doing what I can with hands that shake. 

In choosing an animal I played with sketches to see what I could draw that was recognizable. My ideas ranged widely. I saw a Braham mama and baby in a pasture but that was past my ability. I wanted a tiger but couldn't make it look more ferocious than a house cat. Decided I didn't want to struggle with multiple "Gs" for the goldfish and someone else had already posted the cat's meow when I looked at the projects.

I've created flamingoes for my collector friends with tatting and other hand crafts so I decided to go with the Flirty Flamingo. 

Here's my sketch page.


I found these flamingoes to use as models.


I brainstormed on the flamingo's characteristics.


Then I ran into REAL problems. I starting to play with the lettering. I am a poster child for the old "Plan Ahead" plaque with the "ead" running down the side.



At least if I come up with anything decent, you'll know how hard I had to work for it. Maybe if I keep taking these classes I'll learn to draw someday. : )

Thanks for your patience.

Project done!

Here are my sketches for options.


The option I chose for final.


I wanted the flamingo to be PINK rather than the more natural pink and white. I used five different pink hues to try to keep away from a solid look. Flamingos live in wetlands so I included some marshy water with reeds and grass for added background. Once again I used multiples - greens and browns. For the water, both for the marsh and for the framing, I used multiple blues. Even through flamingoes aren't exactly shorebirds, I wanted blue waves for framing. I tried to give the feeling of the sea with blues mixed with whites in an irregular pattern. I used pencils for coloring, I like working with pencils.

For my lettering, I focused on the curved neck of the flamingo. I tried to give a feeling of that smooth swoop in each letter. My first plan was pink letters but decided black was a better option.

This was a fun project. Thanks, Mary Kate.




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