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Flikli is...at a crossroads in development.  Essentially we're a bustling explainer video company that produces quality, affordable short videos for homepages, landing pages, conference stalls, emails, blog posts...it's amazing all of the places where people can leverage video these days.  In any event, we've begun making ventures into other visual media: interactive video and infographics for example, but the going is slow.  Concentrated effort (or perhaps well-strategized effort?) hasn't been put into connecting with first conversions for interactive, infographic projects seem to end in the middle or fall through.  What is Flikli?  A developing babe :).


11 Questions

1. What is marketing for?

Visuals are amazing, it seems most (other) marketers need little convincing.  Marketing is for constantly finding these people, organizing a system that will encourage referral (mostly through customer nurturing), reaching out to agencies that will repeat business.  At it's most basic level, providing quality conversions and building a nurturing rapport with them.

2. What are we allowed to touch?

I can touch social media relationships, the "less official" face of Flikli (official being e-mail outreach).  I can touch the content we produce, both written and visual.

3. What can we measure?

Conversions from social media interaction, return customers, referrals, social engagement.

4. What can we change?

Visual is not a new concept...we are not changing our customers, because if anyone could, they would make a visual graph in a snap.  We are changing the range of products we make, and how we market it.

5. What promise am I making to the customer?

A quality explainer video that will explain the product thoroughly and gel nicely with the brandface.  At some point, an effective infographic that will successfully visualize the given data; a functional html5 interactive video that will provide analytics and customer information.

6. What's the hard part?

Reaching out to new customers with a range of products -- and we have few references in the infographic/interactive department, so we have stuck to our bailiwick, explainer videos.  Automating marketing, getting to a point where all energies aren't directed towards acquiring new clients, but rather setting up the right products to create partnerships with customers and become their "visual partners" so to speak.

7. Make trends or follow trends?

We're following a rising trend towards visual content marketing.  The trick is differentiating ourselves and becoming a trusted, long-term partner.

8. Where's the risk?

Taking responsibility for the visual representation of a brand, and creating quality visual content in efficiently at a rather fast-paced schedule.  Personal risk is publishing and pushing content that represents the brand, and making sure it's in-line with prospective customer needs.  Customer risks their company's visual brand representation and the initial message they send out to leads. They will feel stupid if they spend money on visuals that send the wrong message.

9. Who's in charge?

....Collaborative communication is an evolving system at our company.

10. Marketers spend money

We are spending it in organizational management systems and tools, i.e. CRM system. Lead nurturing tools, like Crazy Egg heat mapping. And ads, mostly Google.

11. How should I be spending my time?

Creating the right content that will target customers, or fulfill the promise we made them of quality, on-message visual content.

Here are some examples of our classic explainer video v interactive video content for anyone who wants to take a looksy:




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