Flexagon Mania!

Flexagon Mania! - student project

This was a blast to make one of these. I can already see it will be my next obsession. I made this with BFK Rives as it was the best weight I had handy.

I think I have this sorted now with Procreate! Learn something new every day.

07012020: Flexagon 11

Ok, so I am not done with Flexagons. This one is with the same palette but I added in other colors as the spirit moved me. Note: All of my flexagons up until this one, have been done on BFK Rives. Rives is really easy to fold and stands up well to the flipping around.

I decided to try some water color paper and used an incredibly old “Blocco par Acquarello” Fabrianno that might be worth researching when it was made. It says it is handmade paper. The thing about it is that over time the paper has yellowed a bit. It is from a friend’s father who was a graphic artist in NYC in the 1930s - 60s.

It was MUCH harder to work with and no matter how carefully I tried to fold it, the edges broke. I even sprayed it lightly with water to get it to behave! It is lovely to paint on.

(NOTE: The last design kinda got out of hand but it makes me laugh.)

Flexagon Mania! - image 1 - student project



06282020: A Flexagon a day keeps the artist away...at her studio. 

#10 Flexagon - The palette for this one is Quin Gold, Manganese Hue, Alizarin Crimson - it was my visit back to these colors to reacquaint myself with them after Chris and Vesta and I have been delving into several questions about them. Curious minds can see the post in the conversations section of the course.
Flexagon Mania! - image 2 - student project

06272020: #9 Flexagon
Flexagon Mania! - image 3 - student project

06262020: #8 Flexagon

Flexagon Mania! - image 4 - student project


06252020: Hexaflexagons created this week

I am a total nut case about these! I love the immediacy of doing the designs and seeing them change, the opportunity to explore color without a lot of fanfare that my mind can take me on, and how each one is so darn magical. I have made a “Flexagon Fun Kit” for my brother after sharing a short video that as he put it “blew their minds”.

Oh, and Procreate is no longer so frustrating and I have become more excited about the possibilities it offers being the geeky artist that I am. 


#7 - Flexagon

Flexagon Mania! - image 5 - student project

#6 Flexigon 

Flexagon Mania! - image 6 - student project

#5 Flexagon 

Flexagon Mania! - image 7 - student project

Here is the net results of my research into variations on flexagons which I got swept away into wandering around in how much mathematical folks love these things (from the math point of view). I am not particularly fond of the four-sided one and made two, of which I am only posting the second one. The first one was 8” square and just too big to seriously decorate when I didn’t like it much. The second one is more the size of the larger one we have been doing and it was okay when finished. The magic of six sides wins, hands down!

Flexagon Mania! - image 8 - student project


06192020: FLEXAGON 4 (hexaflexagon)

Can you tell I am loving this? It is such fun and I am getting much faster at making them. Of course I have a production space on the living room floor!

Flexagon Mania! - image 9 - student project


06182020: FLEXAGON 3


Flexagon Mania! - image 10 - student project


06182020: FLEXAGON 2

 Here is my second one...well actually my fourth one but the other two I made were squares with many more faces for designs. I will post one of them as the large one I made first of that type and didn’t really come out all that well. I really like this one! I made a video only to find out that I had to upload to YouTube, vimeo or some other website. THAT is too much work right now! So instead, I stumbled through learning Procreate so I could be cool like Rachel and post one image of the flexigon. : )  (It was a painful experience!)Flexagon Mania! - image 11 - student project 

06162020: FLEXAGON 1

To make things easier AND to practice using Procreate, I have made a slide of the first flexagon. I continue to marvel at flexagons and keep them handy so I can pick them up and “flex” a few times to feel extra joy. Oops, cut off the bottom of the last one. Oh well, you get the idea!

Flexagon Mania! - image 12 - student project

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