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Fleet Foxes Poster


Hello everyone. I signed up for this course over a year ago, probably two, and now I'm finally settling down to work on the project. When I first began, I just took notes and then tried to play around in Illustrator. I kept getting frustrated and wouldn't work on it again. I'm so glad that I started over and am going through the videos again. This is so much fun, and much easier than I ever imagined. I wish that I had actually made this beautiful poster myself. Here is my progress as of today:


Obviously, it's still pretty rough. I need to practice creating curves. I identified the font used for "meet me in the mountains" but have yet too find a version that isn't, like, over twenty dollars. I found this typeface called Little Days and am using that instead. There isn't an italic version so here it stays for now. The "Sleepy Country Ampitheatre" is Impact. My next goals are to figure out how to place textures and outside imagery within the image, as well as how to do that crazy cloud background. 


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