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Zack Vabolis

Designer & Illustrator



Flaw Enforcement

Here is the final version set within the templte. Thanks again for the feed back eveybody!

So heres where I am after taking Mikes advice and only showing the officer from the waist down. Any final suggestions and critiques would be great!

Key Terms

  • Crime
  • United States
  • Court
  • Lying
  • Jail
  • Awards
  • Police/Arrests
  • Quotas/Number

Visual Elements

  • guns
  • knives
  • drugs
  • violence
  • booze
  • theft
  • maps
  • flag
  • eagle
  • gavel
  • bible
  • crossed fingers
  • Pinocchio nose
  • prison bars
  • striped/orange jump suit
  • money
  • medal
  • award plaque
  • handcuffs 
  • squad car
  • badge
  • nightstick/baton
  • profit chart/graph

Mind Map Sketches

These doodles help to get the most basic visuals out of my head. They may or may not play any role in later concepts but they are important for me to document in order to start piecing together more conceptual visuals.

Visual Connections

At this point I'm beginning to explore more conceptual visuals. By taking the main points of the article and attempting to connect them to unrelated subjects I can start to develop visuals that are much less obvious than my initial mind mapping doodles. 

  1. The visual here is a wheel of chance. Instead of prizes there are crimes in each section of the wheel. This implies that the defendant can never win and that the police can't be held accountable because they're just a small part of the larger rigged game ( justice system).
  2. This concept is based on the 3 wise monkeys. We have one officer who sees no evil and a second who hears no evil. This twist is that the third officer has no problem speaking evil in the form of false testimony so the others end up enabling his lying.
  3. My most direct concept is simply an officer making an accusation but his pants are on fire. His mannerisms remain nonchalant despite the absurdity of his pants situation. 
  4. In this idea a pair of boxing gloves, marked with a police emblem, face off against a pair of ungloved and handcuffed hands. This visualizes how limited and disadvantaged a defendant is when facing a law enforcement office in any given situation.
  5. The idea here is that I've illustrated the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor, but it has been marked up by an editor and has various red marks throughout. It now says things like "I will betray my badge" and other sections now say "citation needed" or "not believable."


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