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Brendan Ryder

Co Founder & Creative Director



Flavor Clothing

What is Flavor Clothing:

Flavor clothing is an ever growing family of Artists, Designers , Musicians, Creators, Dancers, and more. We see every customer and potential customer as a part of the Flavor Family. We enjoy working and being connected with others and learning about their craft which we then use for inspiration for our own brand. We combine what we like from outside of our home environment and mesh them into new items we know our customers will enjoy.

We do a lot of research on the business and on other brands and it's visible that in order grow your company to a sustainable level you have to have an open mind and a determination to learn and try new things. For us, every season is a chance to create something that 1 ups our previous line. The way we operate is different from other brands, but we believe that our hard work and determination will push us forward and we hope to help others succeed along the way.

After being out in the city and working with different types of artists we started noticing a common aspect in the different communities. People were always sharing knowledge and helping others learn new things.

I came up with the motto “Always Learning, Always Growing” when I was driving home from work at 4 am after being up all day working on the brand. The more I thought about this phrase the more I realized how true it really was.

You have to start somewhere, plain and simple. But it’s the decisions you make once you start that take you places and determine your path. You have to have an open mind and realise that there will always be more to learn and uncover no matter what you do. One must always strive towards learning new things that will allow you to grow. Whether its trying out a different style of clothing, or a risky colorway, or not printing white shirts. The opportunities are endless as long as you are willing to learn and grow.

History of The Brand

Flavor is a clothing brand that was started 2 years ago by my business partner Wade Tompkins and I, Brendan Ryder. The original idea was selling only white t shirts with colourful photo realistic designs on them. We learned the market didn't take to our idea as much as we wanted it to so we adapted and changed in order to survive.

The First year was spent learning our market and the do’s and don'ts of the industry. We soon learned how often things wouldn’t go as planned. Everything needed a backup plan and we always had to plan for the worst case scenario. We once risked an entire seasonal line with a new manufacture that ended up in $4000 worth of goods not arriving. An on another occasion we dealt with a shady hat manufacture that took 13 weeks to produce our hats instead of the quoted 4. After dealing with those types of things we really had to sit down and come up with a better approach to things so we could reduce our risk on new products we attempt to create. We have learned so much from being hands on and accepting that we won't always be right about things. Its best to learn and grow from both positive and negative experiences.

Self Made

When it comes to production and manufacturing of our goods we try our hardest to do as much of the work ourselves to keep costs down. From watching youtube tutorials and learning how to use Illustrator to buying a sewing machine and becoming efficient at sewing, we have done it all. We even found a way to turn business cards into stylish and professional looking hangtags that cost us very little to make.

Since I sold all of my camera gear to fund Flavor when we started, we borrowed our friends camera to take lookbook pictures and videos. I then learned how to edit with Adobe Premiere and After Effects and have come a far way in a short period of time. Below is the lookbook video I shot and edited for one of our Winter 2012 lines.

Varsity Lookbook Video 2012: Youtube Link

Working Hard

Being an entrepreneur, it’s all about the time you have. My business partner and I are both fully employed by our brand and work on it non stop. Things are tight but we make it work and keep the determination to succeed alive. We spend lots of time trying out new ways to grow the brand through social media and other ventures online. We definitely realize that nothing just comes to you, and you really have to get out and work for everything. We started really getting out and about within our community and being involved with events that are taking place in our city.

Flavor may be small but we try and operate in a very ethical and professional manner. We enjoy working with others who have lots of determination and are willing to work hard.

Last year we teamed up with Bad Bitch Mentality(BBM) to create Flavor Studios, which is an exclusive dance company taught by the female memebers of BBM under the guidence and management of Flavor. We have plans to expand our dance studio and combine it with a retail store front that would open many new doors for us and the brand. We sponsor dance events, rap battles, and even have started our own dance battle league and slam poetry league. Eventually our goal is to have these things take place in our store that we want to open, and the Flavor Lounge, which is an area we plan to create inside our store for anyone to come hang out at. Its the flavor family and we’re all about positivity and growth among us and our friends and fans. Its hard to make it on your own, we try and shed light on the benefits of seeing other brands and business as ways to help each other grow and not necessarily competition.


Previous Work

The past 3 seasons we released, had 2 or 3 separate lines within them. This allowed us to try and experiment with different products and inspirations. We have learned about things that sell really well when we didn’t expect them too. And the difference in creating something someone wants, and something someone will buy.

We are more than just another T shirt brand. Its not just about designs, or who wears your clothing. Its about marketing, and building relationships with customers and the community while working with others to try new things. Its about making smart business decisions that you may not always agree with but its best for the brands growth. And when it ends up being a bad decision we sit down and figure out where we went wrong in order to learn from our mistakes.

Spring 2013 Lookbook Video: Youtube Link

When it comes to designing, I take inspiration from many things. I'm always absorbing the environment around me and looking for a new edge on an old style. We live in a very fast paced world and if you don’t stay updated with everything thats going on you will be left behind.

Being able to work with you in your studio would be a dream come true. Nothing beats hands on experience with someone who has mastered their craft. I would work incredibly hard and be determined to learn as much as possible from you and showcasing that in the work I create.


Contact email: [email protected]

Website: www.edmflavor.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FlavorEDM

Twitter: @edmflavor

Instagram: @edmflavor



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