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Flautist Mermaid

Hey! It's my first time doing characters like this, and first of all, I really need to thanks Brian for the excellent lesson, it opened my mind in so many ways! Thank you!

So, after training a little with basic shapes I decided to go on with our hero. Well, I'm tired of masculine heros and I choose to go on with a female one. I choose a mermaid musician, an art and music savior. :P

I focused on fluid lines and shapes, all to give an emotional and ispiring aspect.
Recently on my work (I'm an freelancer illustrator) I'm trying to use less and less images references (I felt that I was too dependent of them on the last months), so I took a few basic poses and flutes stocks and start trying some compositions:


In fact, I started with the idea of a mermaid playing a shell saxophone, but I changed to the idea of a transersal flute quite fast after doing the first sketch. I don't know why, I think the sax was not passing the idea I imagined...

So I went to the transversal flute and found my pose, I tried to keep the aspect of the fins on her hair too, creating a side haircut unintentionally, but I like it in the end.

This is the valued version and his silhouette:


Looking at it righ now, I think that I would change some details with more patience, but in general, I really liked the result! And this was only possible with this class, so thank you one more time, Brian!

(And sorry for my possible mistakes in english, I'm from Brazil and the portuguese is so different, I have a lot of difficulty in the grammar hahah)

Well, I think this is it, any critique or tip will be very welcome!
Thanks :)


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