Flatlays - student project

Yasss, flatlays! I used a plain pink background, like the whitespace example but pink. Since this is a painting I made, I used my tools and materials as props. So far, what I struggle the most is with making it perfectly flat without using a tripod, just a tiny movement of my hand and my phone tilts and it shows on the flatlay, specially when photographing squares like paper, frames, etc. I can edit the pics later on, but I try hard to shoot pics as good as possible to keep my editing time to a minimum. Also, I go blind sometimes, like, I "see" my picture as perfect, then when I post it or check it on the PC, I see shadows and weird angles that I totally missed when shooting.

From the examples I specially liked the carefree and whitespace styles so I experimented with both and also combining 2 artworks at the same time vs only one. I think my organization-obsessed brain liked the first one the best :D

Flatlays - image 1 - student project


Flatlays - image 2 - student project


Thank you Amanda!


Flatlays - image 3 - student project

My shooting setup, I got on top of a chair, guilty, hahaha! but I have very limited amount of light this time of the year (Finland) and indoors or floor level gets darker, I'm still figuring out where would be the best spot for taking pictures. My window has a south-west direction and the only plus at the moment is that the snow (yay, you can see plenty in this picture) reflects light very nicely. Note to self: remove the plants before taking your pics.

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