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Flatlay Concepts

Thanks for this class!  It's a great way for me to work on my flatlay photography skills.  I'm used to working with my DSLR camera, so it feels odd to me to be taking photos in square format.

The 1st photo I actually did for the class was shot with my DSLR because my phone was in the shot.


The other two photos that I've done for the class (so far) were shot with my phone, an LG Stylo 4, and edited with Snapseed. 

For the 1st of those images, I used a colored background, and attempted negative space in my image.


I feel like my last flatlay image so far is the one that needs the most work.  While I love the concept of open bag flatlays, they feel very difficult for me to set up.  I seem to have difficulty getting my props lined up the way I want for overhead shots.  But, I suppose that just gives me something to work on.


Another issue I have with shooting images like this, is that I really don't have anywhere with the proper lighting for it, which means that I have to do a lot in post to brighten and color correct my images.  These were actually all shot in my office at work, which has fluorescent lights and no outside window.

UPDATE 2/26/2019

I decided to try my hand at a few more flat lays yesterday.  I love to read and have tons of books, so I decided to try my hand at book stacks.  My 1st two featured some of my daughter's board books, because I have lots of little toys that I could use as props with them.




In doing these images, I discovered that it's very hard to keep some props positioned the way that you want them, particularly if they don't have a flat back.  Any tips on getting props to stay in the position that you want would be appreciated.

Comments and critiques are welcome and appreciated. 


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