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Kjell Cates

Assistant studio artist



Flatbush Zombies Band Poster

My Band poster will be for The band Flatbush Zombies. A relatively new rap group from new york, heavily steeped in rap culture and zombies, they set themselves apart by their unique rap lyrics and three person group.

My sketches consist of three ideas,

The first is taking advantage of the strangeness of the group and their apparent love of 60's drug culture made apparent by their album art. Using a mouth of one of the rapper with a grill have the tongue be the main focus of the poster with some drug paraphernalia hanging all over it to illustrate some of the ridiculousness of the group, with some lettering on the tongue. Maybe the tongue doesn't have to be straight on which could allow for some more unique layouts.

The second is a zombified hand holding a bunch of drug paraphernalia, using more simplified imagery and focusing on some key aspects of the groups. Ive seen some posters I really like that have a much more serious tone with just a hand, and I think this would allow for a great opportunity to inject some levity into the usual dramatic image of a tense hand. again depending on the the way in which the hand is laid out, It could provide me with a unique space to ad some 60's phycadelic lettering.

The third option is more straight forward. It would be a scene of zombies shambling down the street, with the three rappers in front of the crowd, with a receding street in the back. Illustrating Flatbush brooklyn. And maybe incorporate some of the type into the environment like sign posts and hanging street signs. This would be more straight forward as the members illustrated as zombies.


Also attached is some reference of what i am thinking about


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