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Flat Graphic Mock-Ups: Creating Simple Objects for Illustrations and Icons



In this class, you'll learn how to create your own digital mock-ups with the use of simple shapes and solid reference.

This class is great if you are new to digital illustration and are looking to make beautiful graphic images that incorporate an understanding of color, forms, and composition. From beginning to end, you will create an engaging piece perfect for print or web.

What You'll Learn

  • Asset Creation. You'll create a digital illustration from simple photographic references that you take yourself or find online.
  • Use of Color. We’ll cover finding inspiration for color palettes, as well as some basic color theory.
  • Visual Hierarchy and Composition. We'll map out a composition from beginning to end.

What You'll Make

For this class, we'll be creating flat mock-ups of desk items to layout a visual interpretation of your own workspace. We'll accomplish this by creating objects that follow a uniform perspective from reference we collect.


Illustrate Your Workspace with Flat, Top-down Mock-ups


For this assignment, you will illustrate a workspace (either your own or one completely out of your imagination). You will use illustration techniques and shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator to improve your ability to create mock-ups of various items and arrange them in an appealing composition. Let’s have some fun!


Upload your illustration of your workspace. A completed assignment consists of a color-illustrated workspace of your own design.


To view my class outline (in-progress ), please click here.


To view my class intro video, please click here.


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