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Mickey Kovari

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Flashpoint Labs - Changemaking Photography

Flashpoint Labs is a start-up social enterprise that empowers young people from diverse backgrounds to be creative learners, thinkers and professionals through changemaking photography and on-the-job creative industry experience. We are both a youth development organisation and a not-for-profit photography agency.

Flashpoint Labs runs participatory photography programs and uses photography to engage young people in breakthrough learning experiences. In supportive and cohesive groups, young people are given the opportunity to learn about photography, changemaking and entrepreneurship while developing their critical thinking skills, creative expression and confidence. Our programs are informed by the latest research in youth empowerment through digital media and by our own unique experiences and innovative approach.

Flashpoint Labs is also a photography agency that provides professional photography services. We use professional photographers who work alongside our young apprentice photographers to deliver the highest quality service with meaningful social impact. We work with corporations that have Corporate Social Responsibility Plans.

Our ultimate goal is to engage, empower and train young people from diverse backgrounds through participatory photography programs and through on-the-job work experience to be creative professionals that are economically independent, self-determined and in a position to increase their personal and their community’s well-being.


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