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4 | Easy Piano Techniques For Everyday People

FlashPiano | Piano By Numbers is the easiest way in the world to learn piano. This method eliminates the need for students to learn music theory and note reading by replacing them with number & color coded patterns.  Our software places these musical patterns over an image of piano keys which when printed corresponds exactly to the size of the piano keys on an actual piano or keyboard. 

The user then prints the Piano Flashcard and places it behind the keys on the piano.  The musical patterns on the Piano Flashcard then serve as a guide for the user to know which keys to strike on the piano.

Becasue the musical patterns on the Piano Flashcard have been thoroughly researched and tested; when the student plays the musical patterns as indicated on the Piano Flashcard, he/she will instantly be able to play the piano correctly without having had to endure years of piano instruction.

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