I loved watching this class because I want to continue getting better in Photoshop and I follow Stephanie on Instagram and loooovvveee all the texture she uses. I can never decide between textured edges or the straight edge that the lasso tool creates while using texture in the selection. It was fun to practice this technique - although not on a floral arrangement. 


I did the two practice sheets with random elements and floral elements first to try out lots of different brushes and to warm up - that really helped because I tend to be a bit shaky when I first start out. Then I practiced on the three individual flowers: 



And then, while I had all intentions of creating a floral arrangement for the final project - for some reason I started drawing a flamingo and then a few more and ended up with this: 



I probably could have done more texture, but I didn't want to go overboard as I am prone to do. 


Thanks for another great class :) 


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