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Flamingo matchbox cover

I wanted to do something with wildlife on, so I went on an internet hunt and found this great vintage Russian matchbox cover series on Flikr, curated by Jane McDevitt. Honestly I found the flamingo first, added it to a Pinterest inspiration board and have only just realised that there were easier animals! The board doesn't actually allow image downloads, so I fear I may have broken copyright laws a little in taking a screenshot in order to recreate it. However, I originally found it on Pinterest, so here's the link to my Pin for those who'd like a shortcut to the original, which I won't upload here for aforementioned image rights reasons!

This took me hours and hours, and far longer than I expected. It took me a long time to work out what each layer should be, and that I needed white under the whole bird for the layer blending modes to work, which involved a lot of editing shapes I'd already created with the pen tool.

Here is the full image of my final effort:

I used a 'cardboard' texture from Subtle Patterns, which wasn't actually grainy enough to fully recreate the original but was the closest I found in a hurry. I used different blending modes for each block of colour on the flamingo, and didn't use any for the black.

To hide the text behind its dark grey background I first wrote it, then highlighted the outside of the letters using the magic pen tool, before creating a clipping mask. I think there might have been other steps but it was very late at night and I know I made it work! I then offset the text slightly behind the grey layer. The font I used was Berlin Sans FB, which was preinstalled on my PC.

Finally, to get the lighter highlights on the tan colour elements of the flamingo I used the Dodge tool with a variety of different brush shapes to highlight the edges. Mostly because I didn't want to use the pen tool to change all my layers again!


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