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Flamingo Collage

I played around with this assignment a lot, using different photos and shapes, etc...  I never really came up with anything I was too enthusiastic about, but it was fun and I definitely learned new skills.

The first photo I used was of some pine needles that I thought might be interesting to play around with in a more abstract collage, but I didn't quite get what I was hoping for.  It doesn't help much that the original photo was massively underexposed (or maybe overdeveloped, since I developed the film myself and had a few problems with that roll).  I guess that's the sort of thing that you are supposed to use Photoshop to correct...  Here's what I came up with before I abandoned it:


Next, I started to play around with a photo of flamingos I took a few years ago.  

I tried a lot of different shapes and configurations, but never managed to come up with anything too interesting.  

Here were my two final results:

I think I like the second best.  Here was the original photo:


I'm not really satisfied with these, but I'm really happy to be learning all of these tools, etc...  I'm completely new to Photoshop, but I think that these lessons are helping me immensely.  Thanks!


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