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I made a flag, dots & lines, rotated it 45 degrees, duplicated and rotated the duplicates.

I'm having a little trouble centering the image... made it work through trial and error, adjusting the numbers.

I was finally able to center the bottom one, svg art is a 500px square image, size in the build.pde is 900,800, .loc is width/20, height/2, and .scale is 1.5.

I figured it out, my svg art, the illustrator art, was halfway off the art board, not sure how that happened. Here  is another iteration and a gif animation of a few new iterations.

Here's an animation from 4. Painting to the Screen. I messed around a bit with the initial code Josh gave us to arrive at this enigmatic blob of black rectangles in a field of red.

For this one, I gave the rectangles varied heights and a width of 1 and randomized the colors for the strokes, fills, and the background. I also varied the speed and layering. This gif has a limited palette and dithering.

I used Josh's HSphere code to generate a few iterations of spheres, adjusting the code a bit, then put it together into a gif animation with some type. The type refers to one of my favorite 70's game shows, Password, although the announcer actually said, "The password is..."

I used HPixelColorist to create this series of iterations, converted into a gif animation, with a palette based on one of my illustrations, and added some type. Not sure why the rectangles gathered at the top, actually there are black rectangles filling the lower part of the image, again, not sure why the location of the color was at the top and why there are black fills throughout, black was not in the image.

I made the below sketches using the HGridLayout Step 1 code, with some tweaks, and then animated it with a limited palette and dithering.

For the below piece, I used the HDrawablePool, Step 2 code, replacing the svg files with my own files. I used three colors, black, white, and red and alternated the background color. When the background was one color, the color pool for the shapes consisted of the other two colors. I made 12 iterations of this and then combined them into an animated gif. I tweened the frames and then limited the palette for the gif with no dither, creating even more unexpected shapes.

Another using the same code, this one with grayscale svg files.


Below, each orb is made up of three svg files that have been randomly sized, rotated, colored, and positioned, but all contained within a circle. The limited palette, noise-dithered gif animations are a combination of four iterations of this randomization.

My adaption of the hexGrid, gif animation.


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