Flag Beer

Flag Beer - student project

Most developed countries have an airline thatr represents the country -- their flag carrier.  I started thinking about how this concept applies in other areas as well, and it occurred to me while at a local bar stocking many "beers of the world" that most (if not all) countries have a flag beer as well.  I did some very basic research into the most popular -- or at least best known -- beer from reach country, downloaded some images, and edited a Wikipedia SVG template of a world map to try to fit the images in.

My next challenges are to make the logos a little more visible in the sometimes small space they occupy -- either by resizing the source images, or manipulating the SVG.  Then I want to take the map online, and allow users to scroll over the countries and see a pop up of the beer, its name, and my feeble argument as to why it's the best represenation of that country's most popular beer.

Since the image is scalable and the logos are fixed, I'm struggling to find a way to make them scalable as well, and would love any feedback on how this rough draft could be improved.