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Fixin Photos

Hello everyone, I'm new to the skillsharing and thought this would be a great class to get me started. First off to acclimate myself with the process of working in skillshare and secondly to get some base photo editing knowledge I feel I should have learned a long time ago as a designer! 

For my landscape image it was an easy call to use one of my photos I took while in Scotland a couple of years ago. 

The photo I chose is of Loch Nessie sightings unfortunately. I'm using photoshop as my editing program. Here is the original photo: 

and my initial edit: 

I started with cropping the image to take the rocks out from the bottom and bring the point where the water meets the horizon the halfway point of the image. From there I used a levels adjustment to bring out the shadows. I strayed away from increasing the highlights because it started to blow out the clouds more than I would have liked. I think the best adjustment was adding in more blue to the shadows/ midtones with the color adjustment. Finally I used the burn/ dodge tool to selectively add some more contrast to select areas (mostly in the clouds) 

Remembering my trip to Scotland I recall how lucky we were to have such a beautiful day when visiting Loch Ness. It was rainy more times than not! I wanted to try to push this photo a step further and try to recreate this photo with a gloomy Scottish feel. To do this I initially darkened the image overall and reduced the saturation. I then added a couple of layers around the clouds with a couple of blur effects to create the look of an oncoming rainstorm. All in all I'm fairly happy with the result. Here is the alternate version: 

Onward to portraits! 


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