Charis Rountree

Hand Letterer and Calligrapher




I have had a lot of experience using the pen tool before, but as soon as I saw this class I was so excited to get started! And, obviously, I wasted no time. I love seeing other peoples' processes and how they do things. Everyone does do things differently, so I enjoyed seeing Jon's way of going about things. I learned a few new tricks that will definitely save me some time in the future.

I don't have a bike, so I searched online to find my dream bike. If I can't have it, at least I can draw it, print it, and hang it on my wall! I found a few that I liked that looked like they would be fun to draw:



But then I found this one!


A custom wood grain fixed gear. It's beautiful! Since I had to take a screenshot, the quality of the photo wasn't so great. Which means zooming in and trying to draw tiny details was a bit of a strain on the eyes. But I did a little digging on the internet and found close up images of some of the details.



That helped me a lot! 

I tried a few wood grain textures, and even tried a gradient on the frame of the bike to get this cool brown-to-black woodgrain look. But it either looked stupid, or way too complex for the style of drawing.

So here is my finished piece! I'm open to any suggestions or feedback.





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