Victoria Kent

Professor of Business and Mathematics



Fix Our City

Tired of hitting the same pothole for the 30th time in the last 2 years? What about walking pass that rundown building with the sheets of metal rumbling in the wind? What about that overpass that you keep noticing chunks of concrete chip away? You've told the city but it's been years and nothing changed?

Let's use peer pressure and our phones to fix that!


The early version of the app will allow the user to take the note of the problem that the user encounters:

- choose a category,

- date of issue,

- if the user wants to be contacted by the city,

- and any notes that the user wishes to leave

- attached to a google map. 

The user can come back into the system and check on their issue and add any updates. With alerts sent to other subscribers in the area, they can confirm the issue to raise the member of concerned citizens wanting to see progress on resolving the issue. 

Once the issue is reported and reaches a critical mass of 2-3 users complaining about the same issue, the local government officials get an email with aggregated notes on the issue. After a period of 30 days the officials will get a notice again with updated complaints, and this will continue until the users check that the issue has been resolved.


A picture feature to be added to show the government exactly what is going on and will be sent along with the complaints. 

After a reasonable time of no resolution to the problem (3 months for a pothole for example, 6 months for a federal highway), the local press will be contacted about the issue.

Social media tie-ins will allow for engagement of other people in the community, since there is strength in numbers, especially local voting constituents.

I would like to start with a watered down version of this and add more features as my skill set improves, or get help by people that are more advanced.

Please provide any advice on the project. I can imagine mapping is a little more advanced and automatic email generations as well. If you know work around please share.

A lot of people in my circle do this (report and stay on top of issues) because most people do not know how to. If we can make it easy on people, then I would love to be obsolete when it comes to staying on top of the issues and accountability.

Looked at a platform similar to Police Trap and Speed app, but with more notes allowed and updates. And


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