Mariah Morales

Part-Time Business Owner & FULL Time Mom




I loved this class. It really helped narrow my focus and choose an image and theme that worked for my brand! I LOVE it. My first attempts had the statue of liberty and another had an American flag. I wasn't too happy with it though. It didn't seem to exactly fit my ideal customer

 & was too complicated. After sleeping on it, I woke up this morning with a wonderful idea! I use Inkscape as my design platform (its seriously amazing). I have attached a few designs, they are very similar with just minor tweaks. I didn't know whether to put the stars over the letters or bordering my strap line. I tried both. I sell handmade aprons, bags, baby blankets, bookmarks and blind date with a book. Its just a fun little online boutique. I wanted something, however, that I can expand to a store front logo down the road. I needed the logo to fit on: 

store front

Website header

Website ecommerce

Etsy Shop

Social Media

Business Cards

Textile/Care Instruction Tags

Price Tags

Stamps (possibly)




Thoughts? Feedback? Thanks!




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