Five Weird Fiction Novels in Translation

Five Weird Fiction Novels in Translation - student project

I'm an indie publisher who writes gothic and weird fiction. After completing this class, I brain stormed my audience and business needs and goals, then a list of keywords. While I was researching keywords, I discovered that, across the board, my competition was not other authors, but Wikipedia, Goodreads, BookRiot, and a few traditional publisher sites. Authors tend to be terrible at SEO, despite being good writers. 

Although Weird Fiction is not my top subgenre niche, it was the one where I could easily write an article that was better than my competitors, particularly when I narrowed it down even further to weird fiction in translation--an area where I like to read and have a little expertise. 

The post just went live, so I'm not sure how well it worked (or whether people looking for weird fiction in translation will like my weird fiction, which is not in translation). But it was a relatively no-brainer article to write for me, and allowed me to practice strategy, planning, and keyword use, as well as getting me to check my website settings :)