Five Senses


Sight - Haunted House

There on the peak of the hill sets a two-story, white house. The paint no longer has a radiant hue. Instead, the color has dimmed from grime and dirt. Vines have grown, stretching upward toward the roof. Its shingles are pulling away from the nails and in some places, holes have emerged from the wood collapsing on itself. Windows are broken and some don't have a windowpane at all.

Touch - Beach Scene

As you step onto the beach you can feel the hot sting of the burning sand. It's grainy, hot and it slowly engulfs your foot as you stare out and survey the scenery. With every step forward the sand becomes cooler as the surf ebbs and flows over it. The sand for a brief moment becomes firmer from where the surf had washed over it and left it to dry only for your foot to sink in with a wet squish. Salty seawater flushes over your feet. Your feet slosh around in the water, kicking up cool droplets just for it to trickle down your legs and leave cool streaks of wet.

Between the cool wet of the sea lapping at your heels and the heat bearing down on you from the sun, you find yourself long for the cool shade of a nearby tree. Underneath the sway of its leafy branches, the cool shadow offers you some respite from the sun. The wind is warm, breezy, and oh so relaxing.

Smell - Similes

The smell of lavender is like laying in a field on a cool spring day.

The scent of smoke is like being trapped in a box and running out of air.

The smell of medicine is like visiting your mom for the last time as she lays on her death bed.

The scent of steak on the grill is like a dog staring you down and begging for more food.

The smell of a dog is like a lazy day of rest with a warm body at your side.

Taste - Chili

A chili can house many flavors. The peppers both green and jalapeno at fire and flavor. Tomatoes are the base of the taste while the mixture of spices gives it a unique flavor. The salt makes the taste pop. Onions give it a nice pungent taste while balancing it all out.

Hearing - What I Hear in the Moment

As I sit here I can hear the drag of my dog's tongue against the fabric of the couch. There's a soft smack of his tongue against his lips as it moves from the fabric to his paw. In the next room, there is a hum of a fan going. There a squeak of the bed and a shift in the covers as my husband moves in his sleep. Beneath me are my other dogs and from them is the soft inhale and exhale of breath as they sleep soundly.

Multisense - Sweet Tart

It's a small thing that I hold in the palm of my hand. It's a yellow sweet-tart that's shaped like a heart. It's a hard but smooth candy that taps loudly against the surface of my desk. On one side of it, 'xoxo' is indented though just from how slight the mark is, it's barely noticeable. 

Putting it to my nose I take a whiff. There's a soft lemony scent coming from the candy. It's both sweet and tarty, both subtle scents. Putting it inside my mouth the smooth surface slowly dissolves to a rougher interior. Like the scent, the taste is light. There's a soft lemony tang to add to the tartness. Over all it's a very pleasant experience.