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Five-O Fibbing

Started off with some lists and quotes from the article.

I really wanted to avoid cliche images if I could, but in doing so I think I overcomplicate things. 

1. The first two ideas are the same really, just a hand attached to a lie dectector test in which the lines turn into jail cells (eg the results incriminate the defender.) The background is sort of the graph paper used in those tests. I know the idea isn't heavy on it being a cop's hand, however.

2. The second idea is a police man telling his side of the story that the defender is guilty. It doesn't necessarily portray that the cop is lying though.

3. Ideas I didn't sketch:

I am really drawn towards the idea of the classic black and white inmate suit to represent guilty. I wanted to have a cop paint black stripes on the accused with the can of paint saying lies. Or paint jail cell rungs around the accused. Might be too far out.

I kept sketching wings onto cops to emphasize the respect/glory side, but I am unsure how I could have brought the lies and how it hurts the innocent into it. I'm working on that as we speak. I know the class is almost over, but I will post a final. 


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