Five Lessons from a "New" Blogger

I started blogging over two years ago and I have changed my mind about a hundred times when it comes to topics I'd like to cover. I currently run three separate blogs: a lifestyle blog, a dog blog with product reviews and cute dog stories/pictures, and a blog about social media marketing for small businesses. I felt like I needed a separation, but after doing so, I've learned that it is very hard to keep up with all three. I'm looking to downsize or looking at different ways to manage them. 

Over the past month, I have been thinking of redesigning the lifestyle blog (www.southofplum.com) and changing the categories to ones that I actually want to write about. I have a passion for social media marketing and one day, hope to make a career out of it. 

I've learned it's always a work in progress and I take notes from some of my favs and love finding new ones via Bloglovin'. I also use Bloglovin' as my blog reader and often share/schedule my favorite posts using Hootsuite. I've learned to tag them on Twitter/Facebook and have seen an increased engagement/follower level.  I often comment on some of my fav. Instagram pictures and have also seen an increased engagement level. 

With that being said, probably my favorite post is Five Lessons from a "New" Blogger. There were a ton of bloggers that felt the same way I did and commented and shared on social media. 

I really enjoyed this class and I look forward to more in the future! Thanks, Morgan! 



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