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Fitzpatrick Hush, Hush Series Drop Cap

I've chosen the book Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. It is one of the most recent books I've read and I really enjoyed it. I, myself, did more of a crazy word bomb on another ideation page. I thought I should present to you a less crazy brainstorm so you could understand the basis of the book. Later, I'd like to present this project in the book series. But for now we'll take it one drop cap at a time. (: 

Let's get started! 

For my sketches I decided to focus on swirls symbolizing the Delphic Amusement Park in the story. Later in the series it is known as Patch's home and the story takes place here quite a bit and I feel that it is one of the most important places. Also, I feel the the swirls give the book somewhat of a feminine feel, which is mostly true given the gushy love theme carried throughout the series. I also decided to focus on feathers (which are the little fuzzy mablobs on my sketches that will later be refined) because Patch is a fallen angel, and the wings and feathers carry on a big role throughout the series. Though the swirls may give my sketches somewhat of a feminine look I am also going for bold and strong. So, I'm aiming for a happy medium between the two. 

Out of my sketches I'm favoring toward 3 and 9, due to the focus I mentioned above. I'm also thinking ahead with the letters I will later be doing C, S, and F. I feel that these two sketches could translate well for those letterforms in the future. 


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