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Fitting in fitness within your life

When I graduated college, I was about 230 lbs. I had low self-esteem, unhealthy, and never cared about my own needs. My priorities were my work, my friends, everything else but myself. I always told myself it was OK because I cared. Until my doctor told me otherwise.

Fast forward one year later, I am 40 lbs lighter, and a changed person. Finding fitness has helped me find myself. It has helped me transform how I think about every aspect of my life. It has taught me awareness, so that I can make better choices. It has taught me discipline, to follow the choices that I have made. Most importantly, it has taught me about myself, and how I can face challenges, even when I didn't think I could previously so.

My name is John, I work in two internships, go to graduate school full time, and find time for the gym at least 7 times a week. I want to share how I turned my life around by simply focusing on myself.

Check out my blog at and learn more about me at I look forward to sharing my talk with all of you!


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