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Fitoop- The of Health and Fitness

Initial Insights-


'health' and 'fitness' are far more correlated than 'health & wellness' and 'fitness

Activity tracker boomed as a search in 2013 with body media starting the trend and Fitbit growing significantly more than the rest of the trackers by current 2014.

'health' and 'diet' are correlated searches with a significant drop in december and spike in january

Use digital + traditiona techniques to engage users. Tell them WHY they should follow/like/tweet

'engaged' users are much better than 'followers'

60% of people track some sort of health measurement but only 21% say they use technology to do that

People 50 years and younger, or college educated are more likely to use the internet for fitness advice.

Industry Insight:

Not much direct competition for Fitoop (vendor neutral platform that takes health and fitness data and turns it into something the user can use to be happier and healthier). More infomation if devices and companies integrated into Fitoop are researched directly.

Consumer Insight:

The social media aspect of Nike+ really helps drive their mentions on social media. Is beneficial for all activity trackers with auto-social media feature.


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