Fitocracy and goals

So, I had joined fitocracy (username Kitten) a few years ago but then stopped due to the discovery that i have scoiliosis, hip rotation, and grade 2 spondylolisthesis. Now 30kg overweight, I have decided to get truly motivated to lose the weight i gained to help out the situation with my back. Hence my goals:

- Exercise every day (even if it is just walking up the hill i live next to)
- Strengthen core muscles to improve the health of my back (hello Abs)
- Flexibility for the win
- Eat healthier and happier
- Lose 30kg to get to my ideal body weight
- More riding, swimming and walking
- Be able to wear my corsets again!

By the end of 2013, there will be a new cat in town. Bring it on!! <(^w^)>

Find me on fitocracy and we can keep eachother up to date and on course!

That's all for now.
Kitten, out.


[Project cover photo is part of my fitocracy dp]

24 Jan 2013.

So far I have walked up the hill next to my house twice! And have completed 2 seperate swimming/weight sessions. Just by doing those things over 4-5 days i have lost 600 grams. That's with a bung spine and being kind of sick. Knowing now that my goals are acheivable, I KNOW I can do this and get to my goal weight! And to make things better, my best friend and my partner are walking the hill with me as well now so i have company that is also helping them acheive their goals. :D

Going to keep doing this, and improving the few things about my diet that need to be improved. New lecture gave me some better ideas about what I need for my nutrition levels.

When this weather eases up (has been bucketting down with rain for last 3 days) I will walk the hill again and do more swimming. As it is, a bit dangerous to go running in a lightening storm O_O

New Kitty is on the way!
Kitten, out.


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