Fitness for Wellbeing

I have always had quite a damaging relationship with myself and I can be incredibly self destructive. I have chosen to become more active to enable a sense of wellbeing. I have made major strides in the past year in regards to fostering a healthy relationship with myself; however fitness is one of the areas that is lacking.

Major Fitness Goal: To make fitness a major part of my life and love it.

I will love fitness being a major part of my life, because I know that engaging in it means I am actively looking after myself.

I will reach my Major Fitness Goal by achieving smaller goals:

Minor Fitness Goals:

  1. Exercise at least five days per week.
  2. Continue learning about fitness through reading and speaking with people.
  3. Track what I eat in order to enable me to start counting my macros.
  4. Do yoga at least twice per week.
  5. Join a gym and start lifting heavy things.
  6. Start running.

All of these things I will do because as I read somewhere once (probably because a fellow fitocrat posted it) - You never regret a workout.


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