Fitness Plan



- Finish Run, Zombies! 5k (eventually, not sure if this course runs that long). Every other day starting Monday.

I've often started C25K but realised recent-ish that I was running way too fast. Even with this, I find it quite boring and distracting listening to ragged breath as I run, so having a distracting narrative as well as Lady Gaga helps tremendously.


- Do Yoga every other day, starting Tuesday.

I bought a yoga mat and everything. I really enjoy Yoga but I find the cost prohibitve, so this will depend on whether I can find good beginner videos.

- Use Gorilla App every other day, starting Tuesday.

This is calisthenics; they seem to have a lot of crunches and other stuff which I avoid - apparently they're bad for your back? - but i'll just replace them with planks I guess. Depends on if I can bothered after doing yoga.

- Walk to uni more.

- Learn to ride bike (yes, I can't ride a bike! Constructive tips would be awesome.

I plan to gamify all this through Fitocracy and habitrpg.


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