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FitStr - a community that motivates people to lead a healthier lifestyle

Hello classmates! This is where I will write about my progress with the health & fitness startup that I'm developing

I live in Moscow, Russia! I'm a doctor by education with management consulting experience, have long been interested in health motivation and technology and reading about the multiple ways mobile apps and web applications help motivate people to stay fit, I decided to create something of this kind in Russia, adding my own ideas and views on proper fitness and nutrition and adapting it to the Russian landscape.

After a period of research and learning about the Lean Startup method, I've been doing problem interviews with friends, ex-colleagues and just people I know. I seem to have proof of concept concerning the problem, so It's time to move onto presenting a solution.

Unfortunately I don't have any experience in coding and it takes a while to learn. So I was very glad to find this class and hope it'll help me with tools and techniques for creating a presentable MVP in the shortest time possible, so I can get back to interacting with customers.

I'm just starting this class and I'll make sure to read other stories as well, so I can provide feedback to you guys. I'm sure that we can help each other as we move towards creating a product.

Good luck to all of you!

Here are the user stories based on my interactions with customers in problem interviews:

1) As someone who wants to exercise more often and regularly, I would benefit from a way to log my exercising activity and my progress. This would help with my motivation initially

2) As someone who wants to eat healthier food but doesn't have enough time and money: I would benefit from a resource with nutritional information

- about easy recipes for healthy meals,

- places to buy healthy snacks, healthy food products at a reasonable price

3) As someone who has a tough work-life balance but aims to find time for fitness and proper nutrition, I would benefit from competitive activities with my friends and colleagues, being able to set challenges and goals for each other. This would help with my motivation initially

4) As a seller of healthy snacks and organic food I would benefit from finding customers who are striving for a healthier lifestyle

These are placed in order the of importance that became evident after the customer interviews.

So I plan to focus my attention on the first two at the start, and then add more cool stuff like

- company sponsored competitions

- group challenges

- easy to ready scientific information about nutrition

Wizard of OZ ideas.

1) Logging exercise activities. I'm currently compilating a list of exercises with descriptions of proper ways to do them. But I'm actually struggling with ideas on how to "shortcut" this further, would appreciate your help, guys.

2) Nutritional information. This would require preparing a bunch of recipes that include healthy food components and a list of categorized places in Moscow where one can buy healthy snacks and food products.


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