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Fit 'n Free Life - Instagram Healthy Living Account

I started this account as a hobby, sharing my love of running, superfood grub and overall healthy living. It started as I started my journey as a health coach, working with others towards an overall better self. Once I had quiate a few posts, I started picking out colors and angles that were consistent in my work and then eventually started being consistent in where I shot images and the lighting. I use the same editing app (VSCOcam) for all images and sometimes use the Ludwig filter for refining in Instagram. 

I still ahve a lot of room for improvement, as I don't always have time to stage the perfect photo at the perfect time, but this video helped to reiterate that my workflow is on track. 

Obviously I love to make pancakes, and that is what I have been known for so, I started to go with it. You cans ee some of my earlier images and how they have evolved. Thanks for this class! It was a great refresher!


First Account photo - 2014










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