Fit in 2013

15 Jan 2013

I already have a fito ID just using it much more frequently now. joegonnago if you were wondering. My goals which are still under construction are:

-Reduce belly fat(looking for the V)
-Score 240 on the Army PT test, 80pts each event(spring)
-the 135x10 quest
-Increase my big 3 lifts(not sure what is realistic though, don't even know my real max yet)S 200, P200, both for reps

-I want to be able to do 15 or more pull ups

-better eating habits

Since I've already bagan to do some of this I'm finding it difficult to pin some of it down. my lifts are improving so fast I don't know what to set as a goal. I don't want top fly past it in a month but I don't want to set something unreachable. I'm going to stick with setting short goals as I go for now.


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