Fit for Life

Goal is to incorporate exercise into how I live on an everyday basis.

I believe I can achieve this by taking simple steps.

- No car - Means I need to walk/ride to get places

- Ride my bike to work each day, and prepare for bad weather by buying gear which will let me still ride

- Buy a gym ball so that I can sit on it at work, and thus engage my core and exercise somewhat while working.

- Prepare simple exercise plans such as performing sit ups, press ups, squats etc that can be performed in the comfort of my own home.

- Small home gym consisting of free weights 

- Join local gym which has classes I can do to provide variety into my routine

- At lunch go for a walk 

- Look at activities such as dancing, bushwalking, and mountain biking where I can have fun while getting fit.

- Plan goals to explore my suburb, and other suburbs so when walking/bikiing, I am still getting new experiences.

- Look at meetups where I can do this with people, so I have more support, and a lot of fun doing exercise

As you can see my goal is to keep things interesting, and provide many options when looking at exercise that provide me the variety, and options that there are no excuses, and the options allow for many varying levels of fun and encouragement from others.


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