John Spirko

Founder and CEO



Fit for Green

Fit for Green, Mission Viejo CA - Pitch Deck + Q&A

1. Write a paragraph explaining the company and team - something you can use in email.
The United States is getting more obese every day and at the current rate over 40% will be obese by the year 2030. Fit for Green creates obesity fighting fitness and social applications that make it fun to exercise. We measure the power you generate during exercise and make that experience more rewarding by setting power related goals that you can contribute to.

2. Build a single slide on what differentiates you and why your all in (you + investors)

3. Build a 5-10 slide deck presenting:
• What you are building (product explanation)
Fit for Green builds software applications that motivates people to become more active. We use energy measurements as a basis and game the energy created during fitness against common everyday things such as New Yorkers lighting the Empire State building.
• Why you are building it (problem statement)
People in the US are too sedentary. They need new reasons to get and stay fit.
• How you're going to get there (plan, team)
Self funding and bootstrapping for 18 months now. Recently switched directions to use power as a feature instead of a main concept. With a larger concept, that has a much larger market, we hope to attract investors. A very capable team and solid product plan will help to seal the deal.
• Who else matters (competition)
Tons of new entrants rushing in on mobile Fitness apps. What really matters is moving fast enough to gain market share before the heat dies down or someone captures the market.
• Why it matters (opportunity, market size)
Market is $400M and growing.


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