Fit at 35?

My goals

run 10 k in under an hour

10 pull ups

bench press my body wweights 

squat by body weight x 2

After the first week, I ran 8k in one hour which is about 1/10th of a mile better then my previous personal best. I did 10 pull ups with 100lbs Assist. I did 135 lbs squats which is 90 lbs short of my goal but I will get there. 

I have started to clean up my diet, no juice, pop, alcohol. This week I plan to eliminate dairy and caffeine, followed shortly by gluten. 

Proof that I have made positive changes, I am now caffeine free and almost headache free! on day three of gluten free eating. The most positive change for me was to include my family in my goals. They help keep me positive and encourage me do keep making healthy choices. 


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