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Alex Timmer

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I tend to have a way of making it as difficult as possible for myself. The standard is never good enough (and thus I always fail miserably by aiming to high, being to prestigious) and thus I keep pushing myself long enough to succeed. 

My profession is graphic designer/marketeer so I know my way around the mouse and tablet but I mainly focus on (advertising)design, not so much illustration. I've always wanted to, though, and Foxorian's art has been my favorite ever since I was a angsty teenage boy on DeviantArt (really, please tell me that Synthesis comic is coming out soon..!). Being able to do this is really a dream come true and I hope this motivation will stick with me through my endless suffering of pushing myself too hard.

As I said; the standard is never good enough. Thats why when I randomly made the first sketches, it came out as a fisheye perspective. I hope I'm not to hard on our teacher aswell.. ;)

I saw this once before in a drawing and I was mesmerized by the room, how all square shapes transformed into smooth circles, it created a sense of room though there really wasn't any. This is my first take, I already figured out I need elipses as guidelines and have to factor in the height of the viewport because the curving is different for each millimeter you go up (or down).


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