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Fishermen's Coffee Letter mark

I was asked to do a logo for a coffee shop, and thought it would be a good opportunity to use some of the skills I learned in this class to create a letter mark. The shop is called Fishermen's Coffee & Tea. I want it to have a nautical feel without getting too chintzy or cliché.  

After drawing the F a few times, I decided I liked the balance of the cursive F the best. Then after a few more sketches I added the fish hook to the end.  I went ahead with that idea and vecored it.  The top part is a finer line weight to resemble fishing line.  Feedback is welcome!



UPDATE: My client wanted to see the logo with the slab serif lettering that I drew in one of my first sketches.  It gives it more of a "classic" look I think. The letters were hand drawn and refined in Illustrator.  I also adjusted the proportions of the logo pieces becuase it was looking a little unbalanced.




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