Fisherman's Hut

We were lost. We'd been riding a remote part of the Vietnamese coast for a few hours, looking for a pointbreak we'd seen photos of. We'd narrowed it down to a couple of km's, ridden down endless sandy tracks and eventually dumped the motorbikes to hike the final stretch.

Cut off by huge boulders, we'd given up and got chatting to the local fisherman."Do" invited us in to his shack for tea, rice wine and then cooked us fresh squid and rice. He was super chilled and just told stories the whole time. He wouldn't accept any payment... and then showed us the trail to the point that was hidden nearby. Totally made the trip. 

This pic was an experiment on a "new" old film camera. I'd recently inherited an Olympus Trip 35, the equivalent of a tiny 1970's point-and-shoot. Its super basic: this was the first time I'd shot it and the first time I'd used Fomopan 400. I actually thought the film was colour... I hadn't read the box at all. 


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