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Denise Fisher

Small Business Consultant for Govt Contractors



Fisher Solutions - Small Business Coaching & Certification for Government Contracting

After 30+ years of being a government Project Manager in the area of Facilities Engineering, and spending 5 years working as a small business contractor, I know how to navigate the government bureaucracy and how to organize business systems. For this marketing project, I have a goal to come up with standard audit processes and a series of workshops that will qualify small businesses to pursue government contracts with confidence.

I would like to create an audit list that would provide a score, telling contractors how prepared they are to do work with the government. Such a scoring system would also provide a sort of certification that would assure larger contractors that they are dealing with competent subcontractors that are aware of the unique needs of government work. And government contracting personnel would eventually see this certification as a credible rating that they could use to evaluate potential small businesses and 8(a) companies for set aside contracts.

After creating such a system and a delivery method, I will need to find a way to market and promote this system to gain credibility and to recruit student clients for the associated audits and workshops.


Here's an initial listing for companies to check their teams, infrastructure systems and readiness for government business:

People – Process – Product



Business Team (Identified Leader)

Processes, Systems, and Structure Elements


Executive Management Team (President/CEO and team)

Registrations/Certifications; Organizational Structure; Marketing Objectives; New Customer & Operations Flowchart and Processes; Business Resources; Management Plan with mobilization, communications, and closeout processes

Administrative Support Team (Business/Office Manager and team or outsourced support)

Document & Records processing, management, administration; Internal and Government Forms management; May include A/R, A/P, Payroll, HR, Compliance, and other roles

Business Development/Marketing Team (Dir./Exec. Officer, and team or outsourced support)

Brand and Niche – defined & written; Objectives for Business Development; Target Market; Marketing Plan; Website; Capabilities Statement; Past Performance; Marketing materials; Professional Affiliations; Social Networking; Newsletters, PR,E-publications; Customer Management System

Human Resources Team (HR Director/Exec. Officer and/or outsourced support services)

Position Descriptions, Recruitment Processes; New Hire and Orientation Policies and Processes; Employee Benefits; HR Compliance – Labor Laws, EEO, Vets, Union Agreements, I-9 Citizenship, Background checks, testing, clearances, access/badging; Payroll and Timekeeping System

IT Services and Support Team (CIO or outsourced service team)

Computer & Telecommunications Devices & Services; Secured & Backed up Electronic Systems, IT Details

Financial Professional Team (CFO or outsourced CPA Firm; may include Auditor, Banker)

Funding & Financial Resources; Accounting System; Internal Controls; Financial Details

Insurance & Bonding (Broker/Agent, specializing in small business/government contracting)

Policy for liability and other Insurance requirements; Bonding capacity for anticipated work;

Legal/Compliance Team (Attorney or Law Firm, specializing in small business/govt. contracting)

Contract/Subcontract Management; Ethics, Affirmative Action, EEO, Labor Compliance;

May include SBA Representative or other advocate or compliance officials

Production Teams (Often led by Project Managers, with other supporting/collaborative roles)

Project Managers, Estimators, Superintendents, Foremen, Skilled Tradesmen, Material Expeditors, Inventory Control Managers, Vehicle/Equipment Operators, Environmental, Health, & Safety Officers, Quality Control Managers, CAD Technicians, Project Administrators, Contract/Compliance Officer, etc.

Affiliates, Vendors, Suppliers, Subcontractors (Largely coordinated by Project Managers)

Design/Architect/Engineering Professionals, Specialty Trades or Subcontractors, Manufacturers, Material/Equipment Suppliers, Rental Providers, Specialty Training/Certification Subcontractors, Testing Agencies, etc.


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