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Elly Ayling

Graphic Designer



Fisher Family Crest

I started this project with some quick Post-It brainstorms while listening to Draplin explain his process. I'm an overthinker so I tried to keep the whole project as quick as possible, and did it all during my downtime.


I whipped it up in Illo and realized it was missing something. This was going to be a jokey gift for my parents (hopefully reversed on dark cardstock) but I wanted it to look a bit more authentic, because they're the best, etc. etc.


Brainstormed quickly and found something I thought would work. Our family loves gardening and we haul wood all the time, so a wheelbarrow fits. #boonslife


Tweaked a bit before adding the wheelbarrow... it's a lot more cohesive now.


Et, voila!



  • A blue heron for my mom's animal totem (kooky, I know, but she swears when she sees it, it means she should make a change in her life)
  • Beer for our family bonding time (when I lived at home we'd go out to dinner every Friday for drunk chats) The beer emoji is also our family's messaging sign that everything's going to be okay!
  • The wheelbarrow as previously explained, and
  • The lake / beach because we spend all the warm Canadian days there

This was really fun, thanks a lot Aaron! I'll be updating with some tee mocks and the final printed product when it happens (maybe a reaction photo, too!) 

Things I'm iffy about:

  • Fisher arc alignment was a bitch. I'm leaving it because my goal was to give less of a shit about finicky stuff.
  • Fiddled around with the wheelbarrow and I hope people get what it is. The strokes should be rounded edge to match the beer stein but it made it more legible as stiff edges.


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