Fish In the Sea

Fish In the Sea - student project

Can I say I'm completely hooked? I've created over 10 patterns in a matter of hours and this has been so much fun. I'm going to quickly run you through my design stages, so you can refer to this any time you're confused.

My initial icon, with which I made my repeating tile:

Fish In the Sea - image 1 - student project

This is how my repeat tile looks like, from which I made my pattern. This tile was repeated horizontally and scaled vertically.

Fish In the Sea - image 2 - student project

My receding Pattern, with no background:

Fish In the Sea - image 3 - student project

My Final Pattern:

Fish In the Sea - image 4 - student project


Fish In the Sea - image 5 - student project

Krittika Mittal
Graphic Designer