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Fischerspooner 2005

Just realized that this class I took in May 2013, I never closed out.

I did this one as a birthday present for a friend after realizing we didn't have any actual souvenirs from this show. Decided the best way to remedy was to create my own. :)

We'd gone to see Fischerspooner at the Canal Room in NYC back in 2005...had flown in earlier that afternoon and went down to the show. They were fantastic and came out dressed as the Baseball Furies from the movie The Warriors.  In the two old camera phone fuzzy photos I managed to dig up, the back wall of the stage was lit purple and a curtain draped the left side.

After being inspired by minimalist poster designs, I decided the best way to represent them, their costumes, & makeup was as a series of basic shapes....juxtaposing their not-so-basic sound/show.

My initial sketches were crap but helped me decide on placement and spacing.  I drew out multiple layers in iDraw and hand lettered the Furies logo/font with the band name using a Wacom tablet.

This was really fun to do and gave me some good practice.


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