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First watercolor attempt

I wanted to use all 3 techniques (neg space, masking fluid and white ink) in one illustration and ended up with this: (Unfortunately, my sample moon turned out better than my final)

I used masking fluid for the branches that lie within the moon and did not anticipate the watercolors puddling up so I did not achieve the look I was after. I also used masking fluid for those streaks you see in the sky and painted a light wash of yellow over them.

The rest of the branches were painted using negative space and the stars were done in white ink.



  • I wanted to practice the negative space exercises some more but ended up with some unfavorable results...PATCHY!


Ana, you make it look so easy! I wish I started with something simpler...and also, larger!

The small scale and details made it a very tedious process for a beginner like me. I also only used one brush (bad idea) because bigger sized brushes intimidate me.

I also still cant quite figure out how to paint a piece with scattered white spaces like this because I ended up with multiple pools of paint all over the place. By the time I fill in smaller details, the other pools dry up and make my painting patchy. Any suggestions? (Painting under a ceiling fan certainly did not help) Its 40C :/ 

  • In my second piece, I decided to brave up and use a larger brush and work in a larger scale. I thought lettering would be easier than intricate shapes.....NOPE


Still a better outcome than the first one :)

  • In this piece, I stuck to one color and used salt to create texture. I loved how this turned out. The salt texture almost makes it look like broken snowflake crystals. What do you think?
  • Lastly, I made a chevron print in flat watercolors to practice my precision skills/negative space.



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