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First walk

This is Flor. She is my recently adopted dog who was found on the street and brought to me so I could take care of her for a while and after that she never left. She's incredibly adorable and makes the most goofy faces as you will see, which gave me a variety of options and consequently a hard time choosing the final set.

Before this shoot we have just walked through streets really uninteresting, with plants and trees by the sides and not much more. Inspired by the sugestions on the class I decided to visit a new street filled with nice houses, and the experience was a lot different for her. She was very excited with everything she saw, but also very uncontrollable when listening to barks from other dogs (we had to have some serious conversation about behavior along this process).

Because of that I was limited to take pictures up close, where I could be sure to be holding her leash tightly in case she decided to run towards the barking dogs or some unaware cat (which has happened before). But despite the behavior difficulties she's a great model and she gave me a lot to work with. I'm very satisfied with the result and we both enjoyed the process very much. Here are some of best pictures I picked:






Adorable, isn't she?
Next we'll practice meeting new places more often so she can be more relaxed. ;)

Find me and Flor at instagram @jmmaline


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